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The vital connection between individual life and the whole of nature. 
 Ashtanga Ayurveda
 Body Constitution
Dincharya (Daily 

Nidan (Diagnosis)
Gateway to Tonsillitis


Yoga may be interpreted as the means or methods for achieving a goal. 
Om Chanting
 Energy Control 

 Yoga of Love/Yoga of 
  Selfless Action

Absorption and Trans 


Penetration of needle means Acupuncture...
Yin-Yang Therapy
 Pricking Needles
 Energy Channels
Location Pointers
Solution to Migrain


Sense of touch that helps in medical treatment....
Perfect strokes
 Ayurvedic Massage
 The Essentials
 Baby Massage
Essential Oils

Naturopathy includes diet, exercise, hydrotherapy..
Gateway to Health
 Laugh Aloud
 Water Wonders
 A Pill for Every Ill
Artificial Life

Use of animal, vegetable, and mineral preparations to cure a person's illness..
Holistic Medicine
Like cures like
 Single remedy
 Biochemical Method
Menstrual Cramps

Curative treatment using aroma of certain plant oils.. 
Aroma in Pregnancy
 Do's & Dont's
 Purity of an Oil
 Multiple roles
Essential Water
Cure to Asthma


Science by nature and an
art in application.....
Why to Use
 Be Magnetized
 Healing Properties
 Water Magic
Side Effects

The easy and simple to practice therapy...
 Do it Yourself
 The Vital Glands
Relief Points
Pressure Points
Cure to Backache


Medicinal plants crucial in sustaining the health of mankind..
Unique Herbs
 Modern Herb Lists
 Humor Therapy
 Cure to Cardio Arrest
Know to Eclipta alba
Ipomoea Rehiformis 


Food and nutrients provide energy and is the prime necessity of life....
 Nutrition during   Adulthood
Diet Plan
 Vital Vitamins
 Food That Kills
Cure to Dyspesics

Reiki, energy that heals the person as well as the surroundings..
Energy Centers in Body
 Spiritual Principles
Diet Rules
 Myths & Facts
 Realize Your Potential
Cure to Vaginitis


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  Toxiemia of

   Breast Cancer
  Cerebral Palsy

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  Calorie Calculator
  Pregnancy Calculator

Explore your Body

  Human Anatomy
 Health Hazards
 Body System


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