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Homeopaths seek the medicine that results in a fundamental shift in the person from disease to health. To that end, it is essential to use the principle of "like cures like" to match the state of  disturbance  precisely the substance from nature that would cause such imbalance in a healthy person. Thus Homeopaths seek to bring about a genuine healing process.


Once the homeopath is able to perceive the uniqueness of the person and his symptoms, the next step is to select a single homeopathic medicine, made from the natural substance that is known to cause those same symptoms. This medicine, paradoxically, can treat what its parent substance causes. A very highly diluted, specially prepared medicine is made from the original substance, which stimulates the body to heal itself. 

There are over two thousand homeopathic medicines made from substances in the plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms. Any substance that you can possibly think of has either been made into a homeopathic medicine or could potentially become a medicine. Each substance in nature possesses its 'own unique traits. 

For e.g. Iron is prepared homeopathically as the medicine ferrum metallicum. Just as iron has the property of being strong and unbending, of becoming molten, and of being used to make armour, people needing the medicine ferrum tend to be red-faced, irritable, and strong willed and tend to engage in battles with other people.

          In this same way, any substance in nature can be made into a homeopathic medicine and, depending on which symptoms it causes in a healthy person, can be of great benefit in relieving similar symptoms in a person who is ill. Once you are familiar with symptoms and with the medicines that treat them, finding the needed medicine is like recognizing a friend you have met before.


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