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         A well-chosen and regulated diet is important for a sick person as much as for a healthy person. The quality of living depends on a well-balanced, properly selected, nutritious, clean and healthy diet. Our body needs nourishments to maintain health, to repair its wear and tear, to fuel its metabolism and movement, to energize our physical activities and to sustain our mental capabilities. 

         As food makes for a healthy body, its importance increases in nursing a sick body to health. In sickness, a proper diet follows medicine as day follows night. The two are complementary. One does not do without the other. At times medicine can be dispensed with; but not food. The spark of life cannot be sustained without nourishment. 

         Selective diet control is necessary during different types of illness so that the weakened system can be strengthened. Further, it may not be possible for a patient to eat and digest any and every type of food. So, some regulation in the diet of a sick person is always necessary. 

         For taking homeopathic treatment, regulation of diet has to be done not only for the reasons given above, but also because of the minuteness of the homoeopathic dose of medicine. A powerful drug acts upon the human system by creating a reaction for restoring health and fighting sickness in proportion to its minuteness. Because of this, intake of any other substance, which may have a medicinal action, in pure form or in gross quantities, would extinguish or overwhelm the effect of the homoeopathic dosage. 

         Drinking coffee, or having onions and garlic are know to antidote the homoeopathic medicines. But it is a proven fact that when your medicine is exact, these substances cause no effect. 

         Dr. Samuel Hahnemann expressed in poetic language the effect of a homoeopathic dose and its obliteration by consumption of a medicinal substance as part of a diet. He said, “The softest tones of a distant flute in the still midnight hours would inspire a tender heart with exalted feelings and dissolve it in religious ecstasy, but are inaudible and powerless amid discordant cries and noise of the day,” 

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