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Welcome to the Debit Point System

This is the most unique system that enables trading for goods without the inconvenience of cash or the security constraints of credit cards. 

The concept of point system is very simple.  The user has to subscribe for the points once and the amount of purchases he makes get credited in the form of points in his account. So at the end of the entire operation he can pay for all the services used, at one go. 
Thus it is the most secured transaction system in online shopping.
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Avail of this wonderful concept and purchase points to your heart's desire... Happy Shopping!!!

Keep a track of your points by viewing the status report.


Difficulty in remembering the last purchase you made???

           Don't fret..

A complete account of all your transactions is available just a click away....

Secure your account by blocking it & reactivate it whenever you want to make new purchases.



Are you a spend thrift???
Don't worry...You can limit your purchases by just entering the maximum limit.



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