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Healthy Food Combination

The combination of certain foods helps in the better absorption and utilization of nutrients.

Health Related

A health diary is one in which you record what you eat immediately after eating. 

Healthy TIps

A healthy diet is one which has all the necessary nutrients present in food.

Nutrition-View of Auyurveda

Giving importance to nutrition with a balanced diet.

Diet Profile

Food is a primary requirement. Our food consists of nutrient supplements which is all essential for proper growth and development of our body. 

Allergies due to Food

Food allergy is defined as ‘an altered reaction of the tissue to foreign protein or antigen’. The substance responsible for initiation of the allergic reaction is an allergen or 
an antigen.


A wonderful preview of health related topics as well as a quick reference guide for one and all.
All of us are familiar with the adage, “Health is wealth”, but never have we stopped to think about the deeper connotations attached to it. We are lost in the humdrum of this fast paced world and badly need a helping hand to guide us through this melee. 
This is where we come into the picture as we provide an organizer that would give you your daily dose of health and fitness. In-depth information in tandem with expert advices will help you sort out your muddled life and make you fit for life.

Energy of Food

The energy from food helps in activating the body and the energy helps in functioning of the body.

Effect- Common  Habitat 

The effect of common habitat food helps in maintaining balance within the body system.

The intake of diet by a person properly from time to time is specified in a body chart. 

Do You Know

• How food is extract from Abdomen
• How enzymes helps in digestion

Diet Plan 

Planning diet accordingly from time to time within the day’s span.

Role of basic Nutrition

Basic nutrition helps in energizing the body. They add bulk to the diet and provide roughage, which is essential for the elimination of waste from the body.

Food Laws

Food laws are set up and established by authorities as a rule for the measure of quantity, weight, value or quality. Food laws are essential to provide uniform units for weights and measures.


One should know about

Working of Elements


• Non nutrient component of
• Role of fiber in food 
• Adulterate used in food 
• Food poisons due to micro
• Side effect of additives
• Cholesterol 

Smoking has a hazardous effect on the body. Sm oking directly influences Coronary Heart Diseases. Consumption of alcohol tends to inhibit drug metabolism. The concurrent injection of alcohol leads to psychomotor impairment and central nervous system depressant action.

Food and nutrients provide energy and building materials for countless substances that are essential for growth and survival of living things. Food is thus the prime necessity of life.



Food that Kills


Disease of Deficiency

Meals that are filled with high calories and cholesterol is harmful to health. 

Various kinds of food made from different articles that enables in keeping the body hail and healthy.

By saying a good-bye to diseases makes an individual feel hail and healthy. 






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