Record maintenance & follow up
Medication referencing
Unusual case histories
Personal touch
Stay informed
And more on the intranet
Netdoctor is the perfect medical assistant, brimming with features 
If you’ve ever wished for your very own Jeeves to take care of all the hassles of running a medical practice, then may we introduce you to a software. A complete software custom built to enhance the functioning of any medical practice called NetDoctor. 

We realize that a Doctor must be free to concentrate on his main business of making people well. Thus we have designed NetDoctor to organize, manage and ensure seamless running of your office. The attractive graphical interface makes navigation extremely simple.

  • Record maintenance & follow up

    There are always piles of paper work and records that need to be filed and referenced. Netdoctor not only maintains detailed records of patient visits, prescriptions and case histories, it even tracks all cases onto the specialists/hospitals continuing their treatment. A click, and all relevant patient information is displayed at any time!

  • Medication referencing*

    A detailed informative base allows for symptom wise suggestions of drugs. What's more, the suggestions are personalized to the patient’s medical history.

  • Unusual case histories

    Your most interesting and medically challenging cases are recorded in a defined format. All you need to do is feed in the data, and it is automatically organized into a relevant format. You may even record the cases online at a global level.

  • Personal touch*

    The ready reminder automatically maintains and sends greetings on occasions important to selected patients/ family/ friends.

  • Stay informed

    As a Doctor, you are aware of the need to stay informed. The latest breakthroughs in medicine, medico-legal and related matters are zoomed right into your system! Also, health tips of interest to your patients are available in a reader friendly, printable format.

  • And more on the intranet*

    Apart from all the goodies available with the software, you may register for our intranet technology, VCS, a threshold into a whole new virtual medical world. Global video conferencing, virtual publishing of case studies, professional interaction and discussions, a vast patient database…catch the world in your arms!

  • NetDoctor is the perfect medical assistant, brimming with features
    • Incorporating digital writing pad with the software*
    • Stock keeping/inventory*
    • Intranet facility like :
      • Toll free dialing to main server*
      • Video conferencing*
      • Virtual private networking*
      • Diagnosis reference*
      • Treatment reference in various therapy*
    • Add On Tools :
      • DD*
      • Drug Interactions*
      • Personalize library for patient / doctors / Emergencies*
      • Disease ref.*
      • Diet / exercise / first aid suggestion*

    NetDoctor comes to you at a price really easy on your wallet. After all, we understand the importance of keeping the Doctor’s time, attention and money focused on making the world a healthier place.