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Case Study is a method of collecting information from patients for finding out the correct remedy. In classical homoeopathy knowing about the minute details of the patient is very important. Medicines are given for the patient and not for the disease, hence the process takes a long time.

            In acute diseases i.e. diseases of short duration like common cold, fever etc. and in chronic diseases patients are asked for complete details and apart from it their food habits, likes and dislikes are also judged upon.

            Knowing the climate in which the patient is comfortable and also whether the patient is effected by any of the physical conditions like, sunlight, moonlight, fear of heights, loud noise, etc. is important. Apart from that whether the patient has any sleep disorders should also be found out. Knowing the nature of the patient i.e. his reactions to different situations is also important. Thus during case studies the person is studied on a whole.


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