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         The homoeopathic system of medicine develops for its special use, the inner medicinal powers of the crude substances by means of a process peculiar to it and, which has hitherto never been tried. The substances become immeasurably and penetratingly efficacious and remedial.

         This remarkable change in the qualities of natural bodies develops the latent, hitherto unperceived, hidden, dynamic powers, which influence the life principle, change the well-being of animal life. This is effected by mechanical action upon their smallest particles by means of rubbing and shaking and through the addition on an indifferent substance, dry or fluid. This process is called dynamizing or potencizing (development of medicinal power) and the products are dynamizations or potencies in different degrees.

          Potencization is not to be confused with simple dilution which does not develop the pure drug into a medicinal dose nor brings out its latent curative energy. Potencization or Dynamization, in the words of Dr. Hahnemann, develops the medicinal powers hidden within and manifests them more and more or if one may say so spiritualises the material substance itself. The terms ‘potencization’ and ‘dynamization’ have a literal significance because the curative power of a drug increases in direct proportion to successive homeopathic dilutions.

Processes of Potentisation or Dynamisation 

There are two processes: Succussion and Trituration

Succussion :- By this process the Dynamisation of the liquid drugs are   made. For this purpose, three scales are used: Decimal, Centesimal,  and 50 Millesimal.

Trituration :- This process is used for drug substances, which are insoluble in liquid vehicles. An ideal process for the trituration of medicines is, by using milk sugar, and made by constant rubbing through. Two scales are in use for trituration: Decimal and Centesimal. 

         To prepare a medicine of one potency on the centesimal scale one part of the drug is diluted with 99 parts of the diluents vehicle, an inert or known non-medicine substance, usually sugar of milk or rectified spirit. Thereafter, and it is a must, the drug is mixed through rubbing or shaking for about an hour. The resultant total has one potency. Out of the above 100 pats of potency , one part is taken and mixed with another 99 parts of the diluents. After rubbing or shaking for another one hour, potency two is produced. Thus one can get the frequently used potencies of 30, 200, 1,000 10,000 1,00,000 and so on. 

          Today all these potencized drugs are made under scientifically controlled conditions in various laboratories with the help of modern machinery. One can imagine the labour, which doctors had to put into this effort in Dr. Hahnemann’s time. But such was the zeal of the innovators that in those days also, potencies up to 200 and beyond were manufactured and used on patients with excellent results. 

          The principle of dynamization was not established overnight. For years Dr. Hahnemann was experimenting. The doses of the well-chosen drug had to be adjusted. It took a long time even for Dr. Hahnemann to obtain a clear insight into the aggravation occurring after strong doses or about the astounding effect of highly dynamited medicines. 

           In his lifetime he used potencization of 1/1800,000,000,000. From practical observation, he found that the greater the potencization, the greater was the power of the medicine in curing the symptoms homeopathically indicated. Not only that, his experiments and observations brought out another revolutionary fact, that certain substances generally considered to be inert and without any medicinal power in their natural form, for example, common salt, wood charcoal, sand, lime, etc., were converted into extremely efficacious medicines when potencized in neutral medium like milk sugar or alcohol. Thus homeopathy kept on humanizing under the assistance of Dr Hahnemann. 


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