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           Biochemical tissue salts are homeopathically prepared ingredients, which were introduced at the end of the 19th century by a German physician, Wilhelm Schussler


The Theory of Schussler's Biochemic Method

           The idea upon which Biochemic Therapeutics is based is the physiological fact that both the structure and vitality of the organs of the body are dependent upon certain necessary quantities and proper apportionment of its organic constituents. These remain after combustion of the tissues and form the ashes.

           The inorganic constituents are, in a very real sense, the material basis of the organs and tissues of the body, and are absolutely essential to their integrity of structure and functional activity. According to Schussler’s theory, any disturbance in the molecular motion of these cell salts in living tissues, caused by a deficiency in the requisite amount, constitutes disease, which can be rectified and the requisite equilibrium re-established by administering the same mineral salts in small quantities. This is supposed to be brought about by virtue of the operation of chemical affinity in the domain of histology; and hence this therapeutic procedure is styled by Schussler the Biochemic method, and stress is laid on the fact that it is in supposed harmony with well-known facts and laws in physiological chemistry and allied sciences. 

           In Biochemic system as the principle is based on deficiency of the salts, we can use more than one remedies at a time, unlike homoeopathic system. The twelve tissue salts are given below:

  1. CALCARIA. PHOSPHORICA Ca3(PO4)2  - Produced from calcium phosphate 

  2. CALCARIA. SULPHURICA  CaSO4 12H2O - Produced from calcium sulfate

  3. FERRUM. PHOSPHORICUM FE (PO4)2 - Produced from iron phosphate

  4. SILICEA SiO2 - Produced from silicon dioxide

  5. CHLORIDE OF POTASSIUM KCl - Produced from potassium chloride

  6. KALI PHOSPHORICUM K2HPO4 - Produced from potassium phosphate

  7. KALI SULPHURICUM K2SO4 - Produced from potassium sulfate

  8. MAGNESIA PHOSPHORICA MgHPO4  7H2O -  Produced from magnesium phosphate

  9. CALCARIA. FLUORICA CaF2 Produced from calcium fluoride

  10. NATRUM MURIATICUM Nacl - From sodium chloride (common salt)

  11. NATRUM PHOSPHORICUM Na2HPO4 12H2O - Produced from sodium phosphate

  12. NATRUM SULPHARICUM Na2SO4 - Produced from sodium sulphate.


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