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        A great misunderstanding about Homeopathy is that as there is no surgery it cannot be called a complete science. In reality, Homoeopathy is a therapeutic science whereas Surgery is a technique or a method of removing certain impediments in the way of curing a disease, such as removing a thorn from one’s foot, or setting up a dislocated bone. 

        All sciences whether it is Allopathy, Homoeopathy, or Ayurveda, will take the same step. Therefore, where this kind of manipulation or surgery in needed, Homoeopathy will agree to it. 

        But there is a difference of opinion regarding where surgery would be essential and where it could be avoided. But nearly fifty per cent of the cases where surgery is practiced can be avoided. Like many cases of appendix and tonsils can be completely cured by oral medicines, though some chronic cases would need operation. 

        Hence, no system of medicine can be called incomplete if it does not have surgery. It fact, surgery is common to all medical systems.


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