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What Reiki is not

Reiki is not mind-directed energy, polarity therapy or therapy using magnetism. With these approaches, the therapist must see the energy coming into them and direct it with their minds. In these approaches to healing, illness is considered as negative energy.

 The therapist, who is filled with positive energy, attracts the negative energy, like a magnet, pulling away and removing it from the client. One of the biggest fears is that the negative energy from the client will somehow attach itself to the therapist making  him ill. Or conversely, there is concern that, if the therapist has negative energy, it could be picked up by the client. 


What Reiki is 

With Reiki, you neither have to see the energy, nor concentrate on it at all and neither you remove energy from someone, nor give it to someone. 


Reiki balances and harmonizes energy 

If there is too much energy in an area, or it is less,  the area is out of balance and when there is an  imbalance, there is potential for illness. In a balanced state, the individual has the potential for self-healing. The energy is transmitted simply by placing your hands on yourself or another individual.

We do not diagnose with Reiki. Rather we understand that the body is in a state of balance or imbalance. Reiki makes its  way to the areas of imbalance during a treatment. No medical or diagnostic education is required. 

Reiki works on many levels of living beings. The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects are all enhanced with Reiki energy.

Energy is all around us and inside us as well. We constantly react and respond to energy without realizing it, all the time. Around us is an energy field which is referred to as the aura. The aura has many levels: emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Surrounding the Universe is an aura with layers as well. One of these layers is called Universal, Unconditional Love. 


 Reiki is the unconditional love of the universe.

If you are a religious person and believe that God, or the Universal Divine Essence created the Universe, it can then be thought that Reiki is the Unconditional Love of God or that Divine Essence.

Reiki is given from the heart and is often experienced as the receiving of unconditional love. This love has the power to bring us back to a state of peace and harmony. This state can be described as  wholeness. For many people, giving and receiving this energy is a spiritual experience. It is impossible  to separate holiness from Reiki. Wholeness is a feeling and expression of 'being one' with all living things.


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