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1st Rule
very diet is good at the time of healing. The diet becomes superfluous, and in fact often harmful, when the healing process has been concluded.

2nd Rule
he diet should not be fixed according to dogmatic rules, but rather with the needs of the afflicted person in mind, and should be accordingly changed during the course of the illness.

3rd Rule
t the beginning of a healing process, make sure to disrupt the following vicious circles of nutrition as they can make recovery more difficult.

  • The vicious circle of salt.

  • The vicious circle of sugar.

  • The vicious circle of coffee.

  • The vicious circle of alcohol.

  • The vicious circle of protein.

4th Rule
ake sure that you get adequate intake of fluids. Do not drink liquids during the meals, but rather ten minutes before or two to three hours after eating as it helps in digestion. In this manner, many metabolic and digestive disturbances can even be lessened or healed over the medium term. One-and-a-half to two litres of water is enough fluid consumption for an adult. The water should be as free or as low in carbonation as possible.

5th Rule
t is good to eat in a relaxed or cheerful mood. Eating slowly, chewing well and enjoying yourself makes the digestion easier even for the healthier!

6th Rule
hank all those who have contributed to the meal before you eat. Respect the food and do not waste it. The being, whether animal or plant, which gave its life on this level so that your own can be maintained and supported, deserves respect and esteem. It is an expression of spiritual growth to become conscious of these correlations for a moment before each meal, without false feelings of guilt. .Primitive people have had this loving attitude as a tradition for thousands of years.

7th Rule
ating exclusively or primarily raw foods is not for people with greatly weakened vitality or serious digestive problems. This is  frequently portrayed to be otherwise, but it is false. Raw foods (which have been organically cultivated) contain a large amount of vital substances requiring a well-functioning digestive system. Only then can the body absorb them and assimilate them in the metabolism. With the precondition of a digestion that is thoroughly healthy, nourishment with raw foods does a great deal of good for body and soul when they are used prudently, undogmatically and in a well informed manner. Otherwise, they can even do harm! There are frequently so many harmful substances contained in raw foods that have not been grown in organic cultivation that they are more likely to poison than detoxify the organism. By cooking or steaming the food, these poisons primarily go into the water, and the food is cleansed of them for the most part.

8th Rule
heese, meat and other protein-rich meals should not be taken  together with citrus fruits or juices. These fruits contain active agents that can obstruct protein digestion in people who have been weakened. In addition, when you are sick you should not consume different kinds of fruits. This could cause digestive disturbances.

9th Rule
uring the time when Reiki is applied alone or with other therapies to heal severe health disorders, the  following foods should be avoided after the vicious circles described above have been harmonized: meat, fish and fowl of all kinds; pasteurized, homogenized, non-fat and highly-heated milk products. Raw milk products, yoghurt and kefir with a lactic acid content are permitted and generally support the healing process. Please avoid alcohol, refined sugar, white-flour products, salt, coffee and black tea.

10th Rule
prouts can deliver many vitamins, minerals and enzymes in an easily usable and concentrated, natural form. They can be more readily digested than fruits and vegetables and are very tasty. You can raise them at home on the window-sill during the winter. Enjoyed regularly, they are valuable for every healing process and for the maintenance of vitality and health.

11th Rule
ith Reiki, healthy foods become even healthier and the less healthy ones at least have their value increased! Three  to five minutes of Reiki before serving the food, depending on the quantity, makes a huge difference! If you are initiated into the 2nd degree, along with the energy strengthening of the meal you can also charge it with more vital energy. If the meal has not been prepared in this manner, you can at least turn your hands towards the meal for one or two minutes, either over or next to your plate, and allow Reiki to be drawn in. Drinks, candy and the like can also be made healthier in this manner. When alcohol has been treated like this, it has quite a different taste and has a different effect.

12th Rule
at organically grown foods as much as possible. You will find them at your local health-food store or farmer's market. When used regularly, these products raise the general sense of well-being and ensure that you do not get sick easily. In addition, you contribute to practical environmental protection with them since these foods are consciously grown in an environment kept in a natural state without chemicals. Because of this, the ground, the air and the water stay healthy and as a result, so do the people.



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