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Ayurveda is oldest science known to mankind and mainly aims at maintenance of health. Prakruti i.e. science of nature means innate character, physical constitution or disposition of a person. According to Ayurveda, from birth to death, doshas influence the health status and physical constitution of a man, either positively or negatively. 

In fact the predominance of a particular dosha is decided right at the time of conception itself, hence the word Prakruti in itself means naturally endowed or inherited characteristics. Ayurveda describes almost everything in terms of tridoshas: - vata, pitta, and kapha. Each dosha is in unique proportion in every individual. This equilibrium may get disturbed due to food and other habits. 

It is always good for an intelligent person to know as to what type of conduct and food would be appropriate for his physical disposition, i.e., Prakriti. By a careful understanding about our own prakriti we can avoid a lot many diseases. It also helps in comprehending some important physical and mental characteristics. 

Prakriti is an important criterion for evaluating an individual's status of physical constitution. This helps in deciding the therapeutic regimen. Depending on the predominance of a single dosha, or different permutations and combinations, PRAKRITI could be of seven types out of which the three main types are vata, pitta and kapha. 



Vata Prakruti



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