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  Water is a magnificent fluid. It is a universal fluid and has many potential qualities, such as conduction of electricity and magnetism. It is a transparent fluid, which has no colour, odour, shape or taste of its own. It takes the shape of its container and the colour, odour and taste of other things mixed with it. Thus it has got the characteristic of assimilating the properties of other things. 

      Accordingly, when the properties of a magnet are absorbed in water by continuous contact between the two magnets, the water gets magnetized and shows its beneficial effect in almost all ailments when taken internally for some considerable time.

Method of Preparation

1. Water, when kept in contact with magnets for at least 12 hours, gets magnetized.

2. Two glasses or tumblers or bottles with flat bottoms are required. They should be placed separately on the north pole and the south pole magnets. The magnets should be flat, round and of about 8-10 cm diameter. After a period of 12 hours, the water of both glasses or bottles should be mixed or used separately depending on the type of disease. They should be marked according to their  contents. These water are known as:

(a). North pole water.
(b). South pole water.
(c). Mixed water by mixing north and south pole water.


The dose of magnetized water should be given considering the age groups i.e. adults and children.

  • Adults should be given 25 to 30 ml, 3 times a day.

  • Children should be given 15 to 20 ml, 3 to 4 times a day.

    The dosage entirely depends on the seriousness of the disease.

Uses of magnetized water

  • Magnetized water has healing power. It can be used by the healthy and the sick alike. Healthy people can drink this water to enhance their natural resistance power and thereby maintain health and also keep their digestive system efficient.

  • Magnetized water cleans up the deposits of cholesterol from inner surface of blood vessels, decreases gastric acidity, soothes gastric ulcers, dissolves stones in the urinary system, cures menstrual disorders in women and stimulates development in children.

  • During epidemics, magnetized water prevents a person from getting infected.

  • Besides drinking, magnetized water can be favourably used in a number of  other ways. It can be sprinkled on plants and given to domestic animals to maintain their health.

  • Magnetized water can be used to wash eyes and wounds.

  • It can be used to soothe pain in burns and to prevent the formation of blisters.

  • Like water, oil too, can be magnetized which can then be used for massage.

General Precautions

  • Use boiled and cooled water to prepare magnetic water.

  • Use clean glass, jars or bottles to store magnetized water.

  • To make the mixed water, mix exact amounts of north and south pole water.


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