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    Blood plays an important role in the human body. Anything which affects the blood is sure to have an effect on our health, either good or bad. Magnetism is a physical phenomenon as well as a phenomenon closely related to electricity. The magnets have a biological effect on human metabolism.

  • Induced currents are generated when magnets are applied to the human body. These currents clash with magnetic waves and produce heat on the electrons in the body cells. This heat leads to the reduction of  pain and swellings in the muscles.

  • The use of magnet on the body accelerates hemoglobin in  the blood vessels whereas calcium,  cholesterol deposits and other unwanted materials on the inner side of blood vessels are decreased. Thus it indirectly helps to reduce high blood pressure.

  • Functions of autonomic nerves are normalised, so that internal organs controlled by them regain their proper function.

  • The hormonal secretion is boosted up and all ailments due to lack of this are cured.

  • Nutrition is  easily and efficiently carried to every cell of the body as a result of  highly activated blood and lymph circulations. Magnets help to promote general metabolism.

  • Magnetic waves enhance resistance to diseases and stimulate functions of the various systems of the body including circulatory, nervous, respiratory, digestive etc.

  • The magnetic treatment works by reforming, reviving and promoting the growth of cells. It also has exceptional curative effects on certain complaints like toothache, stiffness of muscles and other joints and pains.

  • It improves the self-curative faculty (Homeostasis) of the body. And its continuous treatment lasting for a week or two, takes the patient from morbid condition to the normal state of health.

  • Magneto-therapy helps to get rid of waste products produced during metabolism and can cause a quicker recovery from diseases, such as blood poisoning, joint infections and urinary  infection.

  • Magnets also reduce pain and swelling of organs as well as reducing the body's susceptibility to infections. It is often described as a pain killer.

  • Meditation can be intensified after magnet treatment. Insomnia caused by stress and worry have also been cured. Short magnets cause a state of relaxation.


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