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    A magnet works through its action on the atomic constitution of cells forming blood and other chemical fluids and magnetic fields already existing inside the body. The magnetic effect brings about certain modifications in the existing state of body fluids and inside magnetic fields. This effect sometimes causes certain reactions or side effects, especially when strong magnets are applied.

  • Initial treatment causes tiredness but not thereafter.

  • When strong magnets are applied, some people may feel mild tingling sensation as if a breeze is blowing or light waves are passing in hands and feet.

  • Sometimes people feel warmth, heaviness in head, dryness on tongue or in throat and urge for passing urine.

  • Some people feel slight giddiness.

  • Some may have a bit of perspiration on those parts which are in direct touch with magnets.

  • In few cases  sleepiness and yawning sensations may be felt.


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