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There are two important methods of applying magnets: 

1. The uni-polar method

In this method, only one pole, either the south or the north is used at a time.

2. The bipolar method

In this method both the poles are used simultaneously. The two poles have their own distinctive properties.

     Properties of the south pole

  • It is inhibitory and suppressive.

  • It imparts coolness and peace.

  • If kept in water for some time, it makes the water slightly alkaline. It decreases the acidity of fluids.

  • It slows down the circulation in small blood-vessels and capillaries.

  • It inhibits the activity of bacteria, controls infection and decreases inflammation (swelling).

  • It arrests growth of boils, carbuncles and tumors.

  • It checks the ripening of fruits and vegetables and acts  to retain their freshness.

  • It decreases pain.

  • It brings down the body-temperature. 

      Thus, the south pole is useful in infectious and inflammatory  
    conditions. It is commonly used in skin conditions, arthritis,
    infectious diseases, anxiety, convulsions, eye ailments, etc.

Properties of the north pole

    The north pole possesses stimulatory or augmentative properties.

  • It imparts warmth and energy.

  • If placed in water for some time, it renders the water slightly acidic. It increases the acidity of fluids.

  • It produces expansion of body-tissues.

  • It speeds up the circulation in small blood vessels and capillaries.

  • It encourages the activity and growth of bacteria, worsens infection and increases swelling.

  • It stimulates the growth of boils and tumors.

  • It hastens the ripening of fruits and vegetables.

  • It has little effect on pain and sometimes makes it more acute.

  • It increases the body temperature. 

      The energy, strength and warmth-giving properties of the north
pole can be utilized to treat paralysis, hernia, leucoderma, baldness, muscle weakness, general weakness, unconsciousness and a number of other disorders.


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