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    Electro-magneto therapy is similar to curative treatment by permanent or premier magnet in principle and application. The Electromagnets have been in use for a long time now. It is more advanced and effective because healing magnets are powered with electricity for higher penetration. The most promising treatment have been achieved in cases of bone fractures.

Principles and Device
        A small instrument consisting of an iron bar is placed inside a solenoid-cylindrical coil of insulated wire-connected to electric current. It works like a magnet after getting magnetized. Its intensity can be enhanced or reduced with the help of a regulator and it is static in nature and shows better performance on AC current rather than DC current. 

        Electromagnet devices are available in oval, square, rectangular or cylindrical shapes. Due to deeper penetrating power it accelerates the curative effect, hence reduces the period of treatment to about one-fourth. Its application is comfortable and soothing to mind and body. It is recommended for chronic cases of arthritis, pain, swellings and bone diseases.

        Electromagnets are complementary to premier magnets for therapeutic application. The selected pole of the premier magnet is applied to the diseased part of the body and the electromagnet is placed near the premier magnet or in between two premier magnets or on opposite side of the affected part.


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