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On the basis of many experiments and experiences, the following main principles or laws of magnetism have been established :

  • Like poles repel and unlike poles attract each other. This is the universal rule of magnets.

  • Equality of poles of magnets: As the molecules are arranged in the lines of magnetized state of a substance, there are like poles on either side of the neutral region. The pole strength at the two ends of a magnet is always equal in magnitude but opposite in nature.

  • Inseparability of poles: If a bar magnet is actually cut into two parts, each part becomes an independent magnet having two opposite poles.

  • Retention of magnetization: Long bar magnets retain their magnetism longer than short bar magnets, e.g., Horse-shoe and U-shape magnets. A magnet with enlarged pole pieces forming closed rings in round or square metal cases retain their magnetization for a longer time.

  • Demagnetization of magnets: When a magnet is subjected to hammering, heating or twisting, or any such raw handling, its strength is impaired because such actions partially break down the linear arrangement of molecules. However, such demagnetized magnet can be re-magnetized.

  • Safe custody of magnets: Magnets are kept in pairs with two ends of the pieces of soft iron strips called ‘keepers’ placed across them. It helps to complete the magnetic circuit so there are no free poles to lose their strength.




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