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Every single cell in the body is an electrical unit and has a magnetic field of its own. It has been discovered that magnetism is a universal phenomenon. Magnetism is one of the basic principles underlying all existence. Earth, sun, moon and the innumerable celestial bodies are in themselves grand magnets and each of them is enveloped in the magnetic field created by ceaseless emanations of magnetic rays from it and this field extends to thousands of miles around it.

 Every planet, through its magnetism, exercises some influence in varying degrees on all the other planets. Sun, moon and the other stars of our galaxy directly influence the Earth.

it is a fact that not only celestial bodies but even single atoms, plants, insects, animals, humans and every living object are magnetic in nature and have their individual magnetic fields.


Magnetism in Earth

The earth in itself is a huge magnet. Earth’s magnetism is due to the atmospheric electricity circulating around it. Sputnik III and other satellites have detected earth’s magnetic field at a distance of about 1,05,600 kilometers from its surface. Magnetic lines of this force exert a direct and deep impact on all living beings. Studies of different volcanoes on Earth indicate that the North and South magnetic poles of the earth have, from time to time, changed places. At present, the Earth's magnetic North pole is situated at its geographic South pole, whereas its magnetic South pole is located at its geographic North pole.
S and N- Earth's magnetic South & North pole, respectively S and N - Earth's geographical South & North pole, respectively

Given below are some irrefutable proofs of the earth's magnetic field:

  • A blacksmith's anvil, if placed in the North-South direction, develops magnetism.

  • A vertical bar of iron gradually develops magnetic properties.

  • If  an iron bar is suspended in the north-south direction, its north end gradually develops into a magnetic north pole & the south end develops into a magnetic south pole.

  • A freely suspended magnet always stabilizes in the North-South direction.

    The magnetic field of the Earth forms an envelope around the Earth. The Earth's magnetic field is quite weak, measuring only about 0.5 gauss. But it is adequate to protect & sustain life.

Magnetism in Sun 

Sun, the largest natural magnet with its magnetic field 100 times greater than that of the earth exercises ceaseless influence through its magnetism and heat. It has been observed that whenever there is a change in the Sun’s magnetic field, magnetic storms rise on its surface and Earth’s magnetism gets modified. At such times, a disorder of the heart, circulatory system or the nervous system is likely to occur in human beings. 

Magnetism in Moon

Like the Sun, the Moon is also invariably linked with the life on Earth. The Earth's magnetic field also undergoes changes on a full moon day, a new moon day or during a cyclone. At such times humans are known to be affected mentally as well as physically.

     It has been proved that fluids in our bodies flow with better ease during full moon days. Thus it is not without any reason that all ancient festivals around the world revolvers in the appearance of the full Moon!
     In Ayurveda, a number of medicines are required to absorb Moon rays during their preparation and some of them are administered on full moon days only. For instance, medicine for asthma.  

Magnetism in Human Beings

In this  vast universe, planets are balanced and kept in their orbits by magnetism. Man being a part of it, is enveloped in his own magnetic field which has been termed the astral body by the occults. 

     Efforts are being made to determine the exact nature of the biochemical changes that take place inside the body during fluctuations of earth's magnetic field. Saints and spiritual men in all ages have exercised a deep impact on the consciousness of people coming in their contact. In religious books one might come across miracles by saints and prophets.



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