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Relief points (RP) are a highly sensitive area, usually the size of a fingertip. These RP's posses a challenge for the practitioner who evaluates and operates them effectively. They also play a key role in acupressure.

The hypersensitivity of a Relief Point send signals to the practitioner that energy has stagnated in that part of the body cutting off energy supply to the rest of the part of the meridian and other associated organs.
This results in a painful stiffness or a highly ticklish feeling. 

On finding hypersensitivity at a RP, one can terminate severe pain in some parts of the body. It is observed that out of 1,000 Relief Points found along the meridian lines, only 300 of them are effective. This is because energy has a greater tendency to stagnate in some selective RPs than in others although all RP lead to the same area related to common ailments.



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