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All  Acupressure points are situated on the palms 1 inch below the wrist. So, to stimulate all the organs of the body, you need to start pressing one inch from the wrist. Then slowly press the full palm and all the fingers on both the front and back side for five minutes each. By doing this you cover all the points thereby stimulating all the organs. Acupressure helps in making you feel more agile and energetic. Light intermittent pressure like pumping is very useful for  physical development of children below the age of ten. 

It is observed that by pressing all the pressure points daily for just ten minutes helps in maintaining good health. If a person experiences some kind of pain inside or around one of the pressure points, it means that there is something wrong with the organ connected to that pressure point. This is the part wherein you encounter pain is tender as it hurts when you press below a certain point. 

It could also happen that you are fine and healthy today, but the next day you may encounter some pain at your Reflexes. Due to this behaviour this therapy is also referred  to as Reflexology.

Acupressure helps in preventing the entry of disease in an unique way. It is said that when pressure is applied to points of either the palms or soles for about 10 minutes,  it results in activation of our body (like a battery cell getting recharged), thus normalizing all the endocrine glands. This results in good health and thereby reduces the possibility of being affected by any disease.

Thus this therapy concentrates more on the elimination of diseases. The treatment for various diseases is carried out by pressing the palms or soles for ten minutes by locating pressure points closest to the affected area. Pressure is applied on those points by pumping for two minutes at a time.
This process is repeated thrice in a day if the patient experiences relief from the pain. This relief is much faster and safer than treatment by the intake of drugs. During treatment, if the disease aggravates, it is a clear indication that the treatment is working in the right direction.





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