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Acupressure has brought relief to many people suffering from various diseases,  hence it is considered to be an alternative for oral drugs. Besides being inexpensive, it is practical, safe, effective and free from side effects. This technique is also devoid of any tools and drugs. The effectiveness of Acupressure needs to be discussed with the patient before beginning treatment. Points regarding the do's and don'ts related to the effective use of Acupressure is discussed herein:-


  • The place where the therapy is given should be clean, quiet, warm and properly ventilated.

  • Carpet floors should be used while giving acupressure on back, chest, abdomen, stomach, etc.

  • When Acupressure is applied on the chest, abdomen and stomach the patient should be asked to lie down on his back, with arms on sides and pillow under his head. In all different positions the patient should be asked to keep his eyes closed and mouth slightly open to have greater relaxation. Pressure may vary depending on individuals. 

  • The patient can sit either on the floor, stool or chair when the points on his body parts are being worked excluding back, chest and abdomen. 

  • While pressing, force should be applied depending on the effective pain relief felt by the patient. 

  • In case of pain situated only on one side of the body it is advisable to have two points of a pair to be pressed alternately or simultaneously. 


  • The pressure should not be applied during inhaling.

  • The practitioner must have his nails trimmed to prevent any injury to the patient. Similarly the body of the patient must be clean and must be of uniform temperature.

  • A rigid body works as a barrier and  prevents healing hence the patient should be in a comfortable & relaxed mode. 

  • Sometimes a thumbnail or a non-conductor object may be used to push hard,  in order to affect the underlying nerve avoiding the surface of skin which are prone to scars or infections.

The treatment should be discontinued if no positive result is obtained.   



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