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In this theory pressure is applied on and around all points by the palms and soles which sends current to the affected organs and activates them. The pressure is applied intermittently like pumping and is increased slowly taking care that it doesn’t cause any harm to the patient. This action is repeated for one or two minutes.

Deep pressure is applied on different points of endocrine glands only with the help of vertical thumb or unsharpened pencil or a wooden stick while keeping normal pressure on other points using horizontal thumb.

Our body is divided into two parts constituting the right and left side, which is further split into two parts the front and the back side.  For any defect in the right side, treatment is given on the corresponding points of the palm of the right hand or the sole of the right foot and vice versa on the left side. In case of front and back,  the Spine, Nerves, Back, Lower Lumbago, Sciatic Nerves and Hips, pressure is applied on the back of the palms and soles leaving behind other organs and endocrine glands, where high pressure is applied.

Duration is common for all diseases. It  begins with the application of pressure to the reflexes for about one to two minutes and is repeated thrice a day. It is continued till the pain subsides.




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