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There are fourteen channels in our body according to acupuncture. These channels are known as Meridians. There is a continuous flow of energy known as QI (pronounced as CHI in Chinese) through these Meridians. These meridians are the pathways of energy

      Meridians are lines of low electrical resistance and hyper-resonance. There is a cyclic form of energy flow in these channels. 

      QI is  similar in concept as that of PRANA in Ayurveda. This energy has positive and negative constituents known as Yang and Yin. In a normal person these two factors are balanced. But when there is an obstruction in the flow of energy there is an imbalance resulting in ill-health. 

      There are various points on these channels where the electrical resonance further drops. These points are known as acupuncture points. The imbalance or an obstruction of the energy in the individual is treated by acupuncture needling on these points.

     Out of the fourteen meridians two are in midline namely Ren and Du. Ren is on the front side of the body while Du is on the back. Remaining twelve meridians are paired, out of which six meridians are Yang (positive) while the remaining six are Yin (negative). One Yin and one Yang form a couple. There are three couples in upper limb and three in the lower limb.





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