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    In order to make the patient comfortable and to facilitate location of points, it is essential to place the patient in a suitable posture.

Supine Position

This position is suitable and desirable for the points of the frontal and facial region, chest and abdomen and  the anterior aspects of lower extremities. 

Prone Position

This position is preferable for occipital, neck, lumbo dorsal region and posterior aspects of lower extremities. 

Lateral Position

This position facilitates needling of points on the lateral aspects of the body.      

Sitting Position 

This position is comfortable for the points on the head, back and upper extremities. 

Lithotomic Position 

This position is suitable for the points near the genital organs.

Knee Elbow Bent Position 
   This position is found suitable for the points on cervical and 
   thoracic lumbo-dorsal region.  

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