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Life’s energy, with its two components- Yin and Yang, influence life and nature. Man as a part of the cosmos, is under the  influence of this force, which in turn influences life’s execution and the functioning of the body and soul.
Body organs produce energy, which in turn is inherent to life itself. This energy is distributed throughout the body via the meridians. The meridians are joined together in a certain sequence so that the energy circulates and moves from one meridian, to another as a closed and an ordered system. As every system supplies a certain share in the energy production, there is a transition from one meridian to another meridian, and a strong or a weak organ disturbs the energetically sound relationship with the other. This causes  pathological symptoms.

Sources Of Energy

Human beings produce energy that is used and processed within the body. This is an important but also difficult and complex subject. The importance is based on the fact, that by studying the mechanism the therapist is able to stimulate the energy production as a whole, and also in parts of the body. The activated  body makes it possible to treat difficult diseases and to cure symptoms, which are hard to alleviate. Sometimes it so happens that patients do not react in the way they should, even after taking all proper precautions.

The energy flows in these 12 channels in a cyclic fashion and hence is called Organ-clock theory.

3  A.M.- 5 A.M. Lung
5  A.M.- 7 A.M. Large Intestine
7  A.M.- 9 A.M. Stomach
9  A.M.-11A.M. Spleen
11A.M.- 1 P.M. Heart
1  P.M.- 3 P.M. Small Intestine
3  P.M.- 5 P.M. Urinary Bladder
5  P.M.- 7 P.M. Kidney
7  P.M.- 9 P.M. Pericardium
9  P.M.-11P.M. Triple Warmer
11P.M.- 1 A.M. Gall Bladder
1  A.M.- 3 A.M. Liver


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