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Selection and quality of essential oils play a vital role because of false claim of companies that their oils are undiluted or pure, but as a matter of fact they aren't.

One should have good knowledge for shopping of oils. Anise, Lavender, Bay, Cedarwood and Eucalyptus are examples of the common names of plants used to create essential oils. However, there are different varieties of each of these plants. To differentiate these varieties, the botanical names are used. The properties and aroma of each differ as does the general cost between the two. Hence it is important to consider the botanical name while selecting oils.

Knowing country of origin is beneficial during purchase of oil since most essential oil sellers supply the botanical names and country of origin of the oils they sell. So comparing of one companyís oils with anotherís should be done to see if either company's are organic, wild-crafted or ethically farmed. We may obtain higher quality oils at less expense from reputable mail-order companies rather than purchasing oils from a general local health food establishment.
Perfume oils and essential oils are different from each other. The therapeutic benefits of essential oils cannot be obtained from perfume oil. So it's very important that you don't buy the perfume oils considering it as essential oils.

Essential oils are very concentrated and will turn the rubber to a gum, hence bottle with rubber glass dropper tops should not be bought.

Don't purchase oils from vendors at any fairs or any such shows or limited time events.




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