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A scented oil massage is all that one needs to feel rejuvenated, at the end of a tiring day. Massage should be given in such a way that it flows from one movement to the next, calming down the tensed muscles. As with any new skill, massage too involves lot of practice. For a massage to be relaxing and revitalizing, certain important factors have to be considered like a perfect setting, comfort level and the right blend of oils.

 Perfect Setting | Comfort Zone | Fussing Over | Oil Massage

A perfect setting would involve a peaceful, quiet and warm room with subdued lighting, having plenty of space to spread out. One can opt for a massage couch or work on the floor, but you will need to pad the floor with a lot of blankets and a cushion, for providing warmth and comfort. Try and change your position often for a more effective massage.    

 While giving massage, wear loose and comfortable clothing. Make sure your nails are short, so as not to hurt the person. Pre-requisite for a good massage is total concentration, deep breathing, and enjoying the rhythm of the movements. Keep your back as straight as possible during the massage, and use your body weight, instead of force, to vary the depth of the movements. Learn to be sensitive and listen with your hands.

While performing massage on your friend, concentrate on the general health. Ask for your friend's suggestion as to how exactly s/he wants to feel after the massage. After deciding her likes and dislikes, then select an appropriate blend of essential oils, ensuring that he or she likes the aroma. 
If you are going to perform full body massage cover your friend's body with plenty of large towels to keep in the warmth and enhance the feeling of comfort. 

Oil helps the hands glide smoothly over the body. About 20ml (4 tsp) of carrier oil with a few drops of essential oil added to it, is needed for a full body massage. The amount of oil varies from person to person. Shake the bottle, then warm a little oil between your hands and stroke it on to the body. Take care not to apply oil directly on to the skin.


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