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Massage is very effective in stimulating and relaxing the body and the mind. Through regular massage, the skin, blood and lymphatic systems are stimulated, which in turn boosts circulation, aids cellular renewal and removes toxic wastes. Thus it helps in tending an all over feeling of relaxation and well being.
Effect on the Skin
Massage helps in increasing the blood circulation, exfoliating dead skin cells, toning, maintaining the collagen fibers, increasing the activity of the sweat and sebaceous glands, and encouraging its renewal process. 
Muscular Effects
Massage helps in circulating the bloods vital nutrients more efficiently,  improves muscle tone, restores mobility, heals strains and sprains more rapidly and ensures the elimination of waste products. Before an exercise session it helps in loosening and warming up of the muscles, and afterwards helps in easing the sore, aching limbs.
Effect on the Nervous System
The various massage movements help in stimulating as well as soothing the nerve endings of this highly complex network, which relays  messages from the brain to the rest of the body. 
Effect on the Circular and Lymphatic System
Massage increases the blood circulation by dilating the blood vessels, which in turn results in the efficient supply of the blood constituents, including oxygen and nutrients, to the billions of individual cells; that is vital for the healthy functioning of the whole body.
The increase in blood circulation also helps in accelerating the lymphatic system, encouraging a more effective filtering and  elimination of waste throughout the body thereby providing the body with a strong immune system to fight against inflection and disease
Effect on Digestion
Massage stimulates the digestive system so that the process of assimilation and elimination are improved thereby curing problems related to constipation and flatulence.



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