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Self massage is easy to perform and you can do it whenever you feel the need for relaxation. It can be performed on the face and scalp, legs, hands, shoulders, abdomen etc. but on each and every part pressure is applied in a different way. For massaging the face and scalp you need to stroke the entire face, starting from the forehead to the temples, under the cheekbones, nose, ears, mouth, jaw line etc. Gentle strokes are applied around the eyes and eyebrows with circular strokes at the temples slowly moving on to the scalp. The ears are massaged by gently pulling them. The scalp can be massaged by combing your fingers through the hair from the roots to the ends. Gentle pressure can be applied while working all over the head.

Then coming down to your neck, massage the shoulders by starting from the base of the neck pressing along the top of the shoulders. After reaching the bony part of your shoulder, slide your hand back to the base of the neck, and repeat. Keep working round the base of the skull. Squeeze the shoulders with light movements. Try to relax and work on the areas where you feel the pressure of tensed nerves. 

Then comes the hands that are the most used part of our body and needs utmost care. By squeezing the hand firmly, stroke it firmly from the wrist  to the shoulder. Keep stroking on the different parts of the hand. Move to the shoulders and keep kneading covering the elbows and the forearm. Squeeze and gently stretch each finger. Work up each furrows from the knuckle to the wrist and keep stroking the hands smoothly. Apply gentle pressure while working on the palm and keep stroking the wrist. Stroke up and down the whole arm several times before massaging the other arm. 

Moving on to your back, the best way to massage is to lie on your back and fold your legs, then by clasping your knees gentle rocking is to be done both backward and forward. The you can smoothen your hands gently on the abdominal area, over the hips and the thighs in a long, slow movement. Massage your hips and buttocks by squeezing and releasing the muscles firmly and slowly, working from the top of the thigh over the buttock. Work on the entire upper leg by kneading the muscles. Start stroking right from the knee up to the thigh with both hands to soothe the leg. 

The kneecap does a lot of work in enabling free movement of the lower part of our legs, hence it needs to be massaged daily using firm circular pressure around it. The thigh and the calf muscles can be kneaded working on all the areas with alternate hands. Then finally while massaging your legs, sit down and stroke the leg one at a time with both hands from ankle to thigh. Repeat several times stroking each and every part of the leg.


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