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Massage would be interesting and fun to perform if you concentrated on learning just a few basic strokes at a time. The most convenient way of massage is to face the area you are massaging, and keep your back as straight as possible. Remember that for the massage to be effective, both the receiver and the giver should be comfortable. The more comfortable you feel, the more smooth the flow of the strokes will be. 

There are a number of strokes that are used in massage. Some strokes have been traditionally followed since ancient times while some strokes have been enhanced for better results. One of the commonly used stroke is the Thumb stroke wherein the thumbs are used to apply pressure on certain areas. The other fingers act as a support while stroking firmly with the thumbs.

In fan stroking, even pressure is applied through the palms and heels of the hands by using the weight of the body. The back is kept straight and one has to lean forward on to the hands for applying pressure. Whereas in basic kneading the fleshy parts of our body like the hips is kneaded with both the hands. Flesh is grasped with one hand and released into the other. This type of stroking is extremely beneficial; in relaxing tight muscles. For different parts of our body there are different types of kneading, depending on the flesh in that area or part.

The other type of stroke is knuckling where the stroke is performed by clenching the fists and stroking with the knuckles firmly on the skin. Then there is circular stroking where circular as well as semi-circular movements are used for massage. Pressure is applied gradually by pressing the areas for a few seconds. This stroke helps in releasing tension from tight knotted muscles. 

There are many other forms of stroking  like cat stroking wherein you need to stroke the body as if you were stroking a cat , then by simply holding you concentrate on the area by just holding it for sometime. Then there are deep stokes as well as side strokes. Whatever the type of stroke the main aim of massage is to relieve tension from the muscles and to give a soothing and relaxing effect on the body as well as the mind. The person who performs the massage as well as the person on whom the massage is being performed, both should at the end of the day feel satisfied and relaxed.




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