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 All of us are sensual beings who need time to relax and tune in to our senses. Our sensuality is governed by a basic factor i.e. by the sense of smell . Pheromones, chemicals secreted from human sweat, act as the most basic trigger to sexual attraction. Similarly natural aromatic plant oils are used to relax, heighten our awareness, excite the senses and create a mood for love. Thus massage can prove to be a highly pleasurable and a sensual experience for one and all. The most obvious erogenous zones that bring pleasure are - the back of the neck, scalp, solar plexus, inside of the elbows etc.

Before starting the massage, the atmosphere created should be calming and sensual. Dim all the lights and light a few scented candles for the romantic effect. A few drops of essential oil evaporated in a fragrancer will be enough to turn on the heat. It is always better to store scented balls in your drawers where you keep your lingerie or bed linen. Finally apply perfume to the erogenous zones of your body and wait for your partner to discover these secret scented areas.   

The loving touch of partner massage is always enjoyable. Using plenty of effleurage all over will do the trick, deeper kneading for tense areas and light feather strokes with the fingertips should be done to excite the surface of the skin. 

One of the most sensitive area is the back, hence, sit back-to-back and move gently together feeling the contours of your partnerís back against yours. Press against each other in such a way that you can feel the pelvis, the spine and the shoulders. Rest your head back on your partnerís shoulder, and enjoy the feeling of your backs exchanging warmth and energy.  

Now, let your thumbs gently stroke down from the nape of the neck to each side of the spine. Then working with slightly more pressure return up each side of the spine. Repeat this process two or three times. Concentrate next on the lower back area. Using the heel, of the hand, knead the buttocks, then come back to the start and work over a different area. The nerves that cross this area relate to the manís groin, and the womanís uterus. 

Moving towards the thighs, curl your third and fourth fingers under, place your  hands towards the top of the upper legs and circle your first and second fingers outward, one hand alternating with the other. Then while supporting your partnerís leg across your thigh, circle your thumbs over the calf, alternating the thumbs and applying firm pressure. Raise your partnerís foot and knead the instep firmly, using the thumbs to apply the pressure. Work all over the ball of the foot up toward the big toe. Finally, with the thumb and first finger of the hand, stroke round the ankle using circular movements.

Imagination plays an important role in sensual massage and it is for you and your partner to keep on experimenting to make it more relaxing and exciting. Last but not the least,  keep in mind to be tender, loving, playful and creative.


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