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The Ageing process can be very difficult for one to handle if it is burdened by ailments. The most common complaints that one gets to hear are stiff joints, rheumatism and various kinds of aches and pains. One way to feel better is to have nutritious food and remain as active as possible. The other way is to try out massage which helps in easing stiff joints, relieves pain and increases flexibility.  A warm bath using aromatic essential oils such as lavender or sandalwood can also comfort, soothe and relax. 

Start the massage by gently resting your thumbs on the base of your partnerís skull, just under the bony part. Relax your hands round each side of the head. Slowly and without too much pressure, slide your thumbs up through the hair, until you get halfway up the back of the head. Repeat three times, from the base of the skull to halfway up the head, to stimulate the nervous system. Then, place the thumbs on the back of the neck and press gently, starting at the base of the skull and working down in a straight line toward the shoulders. Repeat three times down the centre each time.

Later, gently knead the tops of the shoulders, squeezing and releasing the muscles between your thumbs and fingers. Repeat three times the full length of the shoulder. Bring your hands lower down the back near each shoulder blade, and use thumbs and fingers to massage upward over the shoulder blades, right up to the top of the shoulders. Slightly push into the back and release. Repeat these movements. 

While performing massage take care not to work directly on any joints inflamed with arthritis. Work above and below a swelling and then stroke up the limb toward the nearest lymph node. If there are no signs of inflammation, you can use circular thumb movements all over the palm, then turn the hand over and work along each finger to the tip. Gently stretch each joint as far as it will go without causing pain, and then soothe the whole hand with firm strokes toward the wrist thereby improving flexibility.

Massage helps in relieving depression and anxiety which is a cause of concern among aged people. It fosters a feeling of love and concern among them and thus makes them feel important and cared for.


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