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Panchakarma-the detoxification process- is a comprehensive system of knowledge and practices to purify the body of toxins and restore it to balance with natural law. 

As more and more people are falling prey to the adverse effects of stress, there are more and more complaints of diseases like poor digestion, lack of sleep, allergies, chronic fatigue, cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis etc. All these diseases are complex disorders 
that accumulate over a lifetime. 

The most deeply seated toxins that causes diseases are heavy and sticky, lodging tissue layer. Panchakarma permanently eliminates these toxins from the body, allowing healing permanently of tissues, channels, digestion and mental functions. 

In Ayurveda, the treatment is broadly divided into two categories: Shodhana and Shamana.
Curing the disease by cleaning out the impurities is called Shodhana chikitsa, which is the principle of Panchakarma. It involves the clearing of vitiated doshas (vata, pitta and kapha) which cause the disease and thereby the restoration of euilibrium of doshas.

Panchakarma includes the following five purification therapies:
Vamana (emesis), Virechana (purgation), Basti (enema), Nasya (nasal insufflation) and Raktamokshana (blood-letting). 

In this module, we have provided an indepth information about Panchakarma  for our users' benefit. The details of pre-procedures , main procedures  like vamana, virechana, nasya, basti, raktamokshana and post-procedures have been provided. 






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