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Still Birth


The reasons responsible for stillbirth are 
  • Excessive accumulation of dosas.
  • Excessive use of pungent and hot substances.
  • Suppression of natural urges of defecation/micturition and passing of flatus.
  • Sitting-sleeping or standing abnormally or on uneven place.
  • Compression or injury over the abdomen.
  • Anger, sorrow, jealousy, fear, horror, excessive courage.
  • Due to excessive aggravation of vayu the foetus dies in uterus or due to physical or psychological diseases of the mother or its own disorders the foetus dies in uterus.
  • Accumulation of dosas, excessive coitus, deeds of previous life of mother or foetus.
  • Absence of diet (to the mother and foetus both).
Considering all above causes together following factors may be held responsible for intra- uterine death of the foetus:
  • Accumulation of dosas or physical disorders.
  • Various maternal physical disorders.
  • Abnormalities of mode of life and trauma.
  • Daiva or deeds of previous life.
  • Congenital or acquired abnormalities or disorders of foetus.
  • Due to abnormal posture if the uterus is compressed for a longer duration, the placental circulation may get influenced and cause foetal anorexia or death.
Absence of diet
Dietetic deficiency to the mother may produce nutritional disorders thus leading to foetal death. Diet to the foetus may be influenced either due to placental insufficiency resulting in inadequate supply of nutrients including oxygen to the foetus (one of the most important cause of intra- uterine foetal death) or due to true knots of umbilical cord causing complete absence of nutrients as well as oxygen resulting in immediate foetal death.
  • Foetus gets detached from its bonds, transgressing the uterus, descends from the hollow spaces of liver, spleen , bowels and irritates the kostha (abdominal cavity).
  • The apana vayu getting obstructed or moving abnormally due to this irritation produces pain in pelvic and bladder region and also in flanks, abdomen and vagina, distension of abdomen, retention of urine and faeces and expels the young foetus alongwith bleeding.



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