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External or local contraceptives
  • The woman having coitus after placing in the vaginal canal a piece of rock salt moistened with oil, never conceives.
  • The woman who after rtukala properly fumigates her vaginal canal with the wood of nimba never conceives.
  • There is no chance of conception to the woman having coitus after tying in the waist the root of dhattura uprooted on fourteenth day of first fortnight of lunar month. Once she removes this root, she conceives.
  • Filling of vaginal canal with the powder of the root of dhattura before coitus also prevents conception.
Oral contraceptives
  • The woman who uses equal quantity of powdered pippali, vidanga and tankana with water or milk during rtukala never conceives.
  • The menstruating woman who uses flowers of japa mixed with kanji followed by one hundred years old jaggery about 40 grams for three consecutive days never conceives.
  • Use of root of tanduliyaka pestled with washings of rice for three consecutive days after menstruation makes the woman infertile.
  • Use of equal quantity of powdered leaves of talisa and gairika about 10 grams each with cold water on fourth day of menstruation makes the woman infertile.
Local application - Insertion of leafstalk of eranda upto eight angulas (approximately six inches) in vaginal canal produces abortion of even four months pregnancy.


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