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Dhatri (wet-nurse)
      If the mother does not have enough breast milk or if she is sick or her milk is grossly vitiated, it is better to employ a wet nurse as no other milk can be compared with mother's milk for proper growth and development of the child.
      Vagbhata suggested that it is better to employ two wet nurses so that they can feed their own babies adequately, however, it is important not to have more nurses as the mixture of milk with different qualities can upset the baby.
Dhatri-pariksha (Examination of wet-nurse) or Qualities of wet-nurse
  • Physical and psychological status of wet-nurse should be taken in consideration as they influence quality and quantity of milk 
  • The wet-nurse should be identical in varna (of similar caste),
  • Young (Middle aged)- because very young woman does not have any affection for child and old woman can not withstand troubles as well as her milk also is not nutritious to the child 
  • Humble or modest,
  • Extremely patient by nature
  • Not possessing deficient or accessory body parts
  • Non-addict
  • Beautiful
  • Having alive male child
  • Good amount of breast-milk
  • Over-cautious
  • Not habituated of sleeping over excrements or used to clean the faeces etc. immediately
  • Not married in low caste
  • Expert in nursing
  • Pious
  • The wet-nurse should use daily purifying measures (internal and external)
  • Having hatred from impiousness or uncleanliness
  • Possessing good quality of breast and milk
  • Free from disease
  • Well-behaved or urbane
  • Free from fickleness
  • Non-greedy
  • Neither too obese nor too thin
  • Not having too long or protuberant lips
  • The wet-nurse should be Syama (dark complexioned) because the woman of this complexion possess profuse milk.
    • She should have a good character, be affectionate and interested in the welfare of the baby.
    • She should take bath daily and wear white and clean dress. 
    • She should not be cranky or greedy.
    • She should not speak ill of others and should not indulge in bad activities
    • She should take regular well-balanced diet. Her activities should be regularised. 
    • She should not be a heavy sleeper and should not indulge in sex. 
    • She should not be suffering from any diseases and should not have any mental worries or addictions
    • Her breasts should be well shaped and nipples well-formed and protruding. The breasts should not be upturned or loose and hanging and should be neither too big nor too small. If the breasts are upturned, the baby's front teeth become protruded. If the breasts are large or hanging, they may press the nostrils and the baby may not be able to breathe well.
    • She should regularly apply sandalwood paste to the breasts.
    • She should wear medicines belonging to Prajasthapana group, namely, Aindri, Brahmi, Durva, Guduci, Haritaki and Katuki in the form of necklace or thread around the waist or as bracelets.
    • She should concentrate on and enjoy feeding the baby.


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