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The moment the baby comes out of the maternal passage...

  • One should produce noise by rubbing two stones near baby's ears. 

  • Cold and warm water should be sprinkled on the child's face alternately. These measures stimulate breathing.

  • If it fails to revive by these methods, the child should be fanned with a basket made of reed, till the respiration is established. 

  • One should remove the mucus from the mouth and throat by sterile cotton with the help of the forefinger.

  • The head, fontanelle and the body should be cleaned by gently rubbing with a cotton swab dipped in Bala oil.

  • The father should utter the following mantra in the son's
    or daughter's right or left ear respectively:

    "Oh son (or daughter) ,you are born from each part of my body. You represent my soul .Let the stars, days and nights protect you for 100 years."


  • Before cutting the umbilical cord, the baby is given to lick gold
    rubbed in honey and ghee, simultaneously chanting appropriate mantras. 

  • The baby should be allowed to lick honey and ghee medicated with drugs, which stimulate brain and act as brain tonics e.g.
    (a) Aindri, Brahmi, Vaca and Sankhapushpi 
    (b) Powder of Gold, Vaca, Brahmi, Tapya
         and Haritki
    (c) Gold and Amalaka.

  • The medicated honey and ghee should be sanctified with the uttering of appropriate scriptural hymns and given in a dose equivalent to one Vidanga. 

Cutting of Umbilical Cord
  • Four to Eight anguli is measured from the navel and tied either side of the mark.
  • Severe it with a sharp knife called Ardhadhara made of gold, silver or steel.
  • Tie a string to the stump and encircle it loosely around the neck of the child.
  • Tila oil medicated with Kastha should be applied to the navel.



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