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 || Advices || 

The woman from the very first day of pregnancy should
  • Remain in high spirit, pious, decorated with ornaments, wear clean white garments and perform religious rites. Do auspicious deeds and worship deity, brahmanas and priest.
  • Her sleeping and sitting place should be covered with soft cushion or mattress, not be very high, possess elevated upper portion for headrest and should be perfect and very comfortable.
  • She should use palatable, liquid, sweet and unctuous substances treated with appetizing things. This mode of life should be continued till delivery.
  • Use of jivaniya group of drugs for preparing water for bathing or irrigation etc), and for powder, cold percolation, decoction etc. 
  • Usage butter, ghrta and milk etc.
  • Diet should be taken considering place of living, time or season and digestive capacity.
  • Usage meritorious, auspicious, pious, new and intact or unbroken garments and ornaments possessing masculine names.
  • No article bearing feminine or common gender name should ever be used.
  • Abode should be fumigated (with fragrant drugs), where worships are being performed, is free from insects like mosquito etc. Vedic hymns are being recited by brahmanas and songs and instruments are being played.
  • The woman after leaving her bed in the morning and performing daily routine should get busy in paying obeisance to the priests and deity and worshiping the rising sun with perfumes, incense, and water.
  • She should take bath daily and remain well behaved.
  • She should use hot water, milk and meat. Milk provides nourishment and stability to the foetus; meat helps in achievement of pregnancy, provides nourishment to the foetus, suppresses vata of pregnant woman, meat soup is the best medicine for her, meat treated with milk or mixed with sour articles or salt is also beneficial.
The following things are also useful for a pregnant woman
  • Use of surana (an edible tuber) 
  • Use of sail and sastika rice
  • Mudga (green gram)
  • Wheat
  • Flour of parched rice
  • Rasala (curd mixed with sugar and condiments)
  • Honey, sugar
  • Jack-fruit
  • Banana
  • Fruit of amalaki
  • Draksa, sour and sweet substances
  • Anointment with cooling agents
  • Musk, sandal and camphor
  • Wearing of garlands
  • Moonlight bath
  • Massage
  • Soft bed, cool air
  • Anabolic or gratifying edibles
  • Pleasant atmosphere 

The cold decoction of pulp of bilva, karpasa, phamphana, (petals of rose), picumanda, agnimantha, jatamamsi and pounded leaves of eranda or the water prepared with sarvagandha (all fragrant) drugs should be used for bathing by the pregnant woman.



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