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The mode of life to be followed by a pregnant women for having a healthy child..... 
  • The pregnant woman should be made to use garments and ornaments which are meritorious, auspicious, new, intact or unbroken, without having pieces or masculine names and loveable. 
  • She should neither use nor procure the articles of feminine or neuter gender names. 
  • The abode or house should be well fumigated, worshipped, free from mosquitoes and insects, having sound of Vedic hymns being recited by brahmanas, songs and musical instruments, etc. is desired.
  • The pregnant woman after getting-up in the morning and performing normal routine should worship or offer prayers to her guru (teacher) and god. She should worship the rising sun with incense and pray in a loud voice. 
  • The pregnant woman should not look at the waning moon, setting sun and both the rahus.
  • During a solar or lunar eclipse, she should go inside or stay in the middle of the house, and perform religious rites and pay oblation at the same time praying for freedom from grahas. (planets). 
  • She should welcome guests and offer alms to the beggars.
  • For pacification, she should perform oblation in spontaneously burning fire. 
  • The pregnant woman should not obstruct or tie any thing by thread and thin rope on her body, should avoid daily coitus and wear loose fitting clothes.




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