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Methods | Measures Suggested

The procedure to be adopted for achieving progeny of desired sex is known as Pumsavana karma.
Appropriate period for Pumsawana karm
  • If the methods prescribed in the Vedas for achieving male or female progeny are used before the conspicuousness (vyaktibhava) of organs the change of sex is possible. 
  • If the pumsawana karma is done keeping in mind the living place (desa) and specific period (kala) the result is definite. If due consideration to desa and kala is not given then sex may not change.
  • Pumsawana karma should be done after conception but before conspicuousness of organs or upto two months. 
  • It should be done just after achievement of conception (labdhagarbha).
Three Objectives of Pumsawanakarma
Before conception use of inhalation of drugs etc. followed by coitus is for achievement of conception.
  • Immediately following conception is for its proper implantation and 
  • Before three months for change of sex or for having male progeny.
    • It should be done only during Pusya nakshatra. 
    • The duration of pumsawanakarma is for twelve days i.e. during even days of these twelve days.



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