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Ayurveda has very beautifully described the accouchement ward where the mother of the child is to be kept after delivery.
Accouchement ward constructed with the wood, having separate latrine, bathroom and kitchen, containing two beds, two stone pestle with mortars, burning fire, medicines, instruments and female attendants. A donkey and a bull also are tethered outside.
The pregnant woman has to enter advancing her right leg and following a brahmana and cow around completion of 9th month.
Multifarious woman who are good-hearted, continuously busy in service, possessing strong character, experienced in conducting labour, affectionate by nature, free from grief, having good endurance, and capable of making parturient woman happy,  along with brahmanas possessing knowledge of Atharvaveda should remain present there. 
All these things focus on good hygiene and good atmosphere for a women after delivery.

The following protective measures should be undertaken....
  • Clipped branches of Ajamoda Khadira, Pilu, Parushaka 
    and Karkandha should be placed all around the house.

  • Mustard, Atasi and Rice grains should be strewn all over the room of the mother and the baby.

  • The sacrifice of rice offerings should be performed regularly twice a day till the day of the naming ceremony. 

  • Herbal medicines like Vacha (sweet flag), Kustha (costus), Hingu (asafoetida), Kshaumak (angelica), Sarshap (rope-seed), Atasi (lion seed), lasun (garlic) should be used.

  • Mustard, lion seed, garlic and pippali that drives out mosquitoes, germs and evil spirits should be tied in packets and suspended from the top of the beam of the door-frame of their bedroom. 

  • Smaller packets of the same medicines tied with a string should be worn around the neck of the baby and the mother.

  • Fire should be kept along with the wood of Kana and kanika and Tinduka

  • A comfortable bed, and a peaceful and well-ventilated bedroom makes the child feel relaxed and helps it grow well. 

  • The atmosphere should echo the chanting of Vedic hymns and auspicious blessings.

  • A brahmin, i.e. a priest who knows Atharva Veda should regularly offer peace offerings to the fire twice daily for the welfare of both the child and the mother.




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