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Congenital Anomalies


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Congenital anomalies, sterility, abortion, miscarriage,  and unhealthy constitution represent grades of reproductive failure. If the aetiological factors are powerful or multiple, it would lead to sterility. On the other hand, if the same causative factor or factors are very mild, they would lead to unhealthy constitution. 

Constitution dominating in vata, pitta or kapha dosa is a diseased constitution while healthy constitution results from a balanced state of all the three dosas.
The various causes are classified below
  • Causes in relation to soul
    Sins of past life of the individual and of parents is responsible for foetal abnormalities. 
  • Hereditary factors 
    Gross defects in sperms or ova give rise to sterility or leads to abortion. Defective chromosomes and genes, i.e. bija-bhagavayava are responsible for hereditary anomalies, e.g. defects in sex chromosomes are responsible for abnormalities of sex organs. 
  • Consanguinity
    It is important to avoid marriage in close relatives as the chances of hereditary diseases are increased. Hereditary diseases like diabetes are incurable. 
  • Age of parents
    The seeds in a man and a woman mature at the age of 25 and 16 respectively. If parents are below this age, the foetus does not develop, dies early or becomes deformed. 
  • Abnormal state
    Intercourse in an abnormal posture leads to a deformed child. 
  • Increased dosas
    Increased vata, pitta and kapha in the foetus lead to congenital anomalies. Increased vata, i.e. vataprakopa gives rise to a deformed, deaf and dumb child. 
  • Hearing unpleasant words or distressing news or hearing shrill noises may lead to deafness in the foetus. 
  • Conduct
    Religious conduct of parents may be harmful to the foetus. Religious conduct in this context means fasting by women during pregnancy which is not advisable. 
  • Introgenic causes
    Pancakarma, i.e. induction of sweating, emesis, purgation, enema, nasal medications and administering hot drugs to the mother may lead to abortion, discolouration or a congenital anomaly. 
  • Regulations
    Not observing regulations prior to the menstrual period may be harmful to the foetus. 
  • Psychological factors
    Increased rajas and tamas qualities of mind give rise to personality disorders. Getting angry and jealous leads to congenital anomalies. 
  • Addictions
    Alcohol and smoking give rise to congenital anomalies.
Ayurveda describes many congenital anomalies (Janmabalapravrutta Vyadhi) 
  • Blindness (Aandhya)
  • Deafness (Badhirya)
  • Dumbness (Muka),
  • Congenital hernia (Vrddhi)
  • Anal atresia or stenosis (Sanniruddha guda),
  • Congenital piles (Sahaja arsa), etc.  

Prevention Methods

It is important to avoid aetiological factors of hereditary diseases and congenital anomalies.

The use of medication like Bhagavati i.e. Laghusatavari, Aparajrita or Visnukranta and Taraka, i.e. Indravaruni by expectant parents and pregnant ladies for the prevention of hereditary diseases is advised. 

For the prevention of congenital heart disease, the pregnant lady should take Mrgasrnga bhasma.



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