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An individual should rise early in the morning i.e. 4 ghatika or 96 minutes before sunrise usually termed as "brahma muhurta". Then he should pray to God for acquiring mental strength. This period is called "Brahma muhurta". In this period the mind is full of Satva Guna and hence this is the best time for meditation and to acquire supreme knowledge and eternal happiness. As the mind is fresh, one can and should concentrate on meditation, prayers and studies.

A person with pitta and vata should rise later than the prescribed time by about one or two hours. On the other hand a person with kapha constitution should wake up earlier by about an hour. 

Children, pregnant ladies and aged persons should not wake up early, as they require more sleep. The aged should lie down in bed even if their natural sleep is over, as they require physical rest.

This is the ideal way in which a healthy person with a well-balanced constitution or sama-prakruti should start his day.






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