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Good moral conduct | Good personal conduct | Good social conduct

The human activities which are meant for the happiness of all the living beings; such happiness is based on dharma (righteousness, right moral conduct) to attain long life, health, wealth, reputation such a conduct or activities are known as sadvritta (good conduct).

Sadvritta can be classified into five types i.e. Good mental conduct, Good social conduct, Good religious conduct, Good personal conduct and Good moral conduct.

According to Sadavritta one should avoid the ten sins pertaining to the body, speech and mind:
  • Himsa (causing injury, torture etc.),
  • Steya (stealing, robbing), 
  • Anyathakama (unlawful sex activity), 
  • Paisunya (abusive or harsh speech), 
  • Antra Vacana (scolding, speaking untruth), 
  • Sambhinna Alapa (speech causing dissent, separation, breaking of company), 
  • Vyapada (quarrel, intention of harming), 
  • Abhidya (jealousy, not tolerating good of others) and
  • Drgviparyaya (finding fault, misunderstanding, faithlessness etc. with scriptures, elders etc.) 
  • One should not engage himself in occupations which are devoid of the three pursuits dharma (righteousness), artha, (wealth) and kama (pleasures). One should carry on the occupation without going contrary to dharma and kama. 






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