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Achievement of Salvation
Achievement of Salvation (Moksa) is the end and aim of all ideals, hopes and glorious performances of human life, which a Svastha person should hold sacred. 

Moksa is a condition in  human being where the latter is free from all causes of joy and lamentation. An individual is freee from physical and mental pain. A general and special knowledge is achieved at the the end of this stage.

Such a person also realizes that everything is Unreal and not worth Pursuing. No cause is thus left for any physical or mental pain because there is no Bhutatma i.e. Individual Consciousness.  

Some characteristic experiences of such power mentioned by Caraka are listed below 
  • Entering another's body, either living or dead and working with it as one likes;
  • Reading another's mind;
  • Enjoyment of superhuman objects at will; 
  • Seeing things at any distance; 
  • Hearing sounds from any distant place; 
  • A memory of events that occurred, are occurring, or are about to occur in the cosmic plan of existence;
  • Development of a perceptible amount of lustrous splendour in one's physical self; and
  • Disappearance from or appearance before the presence of others at one's will.

This condition was, therefore, considered naturally worth achieving by anybody, especially because, it not only relieves an individual from worldly troubles in this very life, but it also relieves him of the necessity to birth, life and death as a matter of routine.
The turning round and round in the cycle of births and deaths have been inflicted on countless individuals by the all regulating Almighty Soul as a matter of routine and disciplined regularity in the Universe.

Salvation can definitely be achieved by observing the general rules of conduct
  • Follow all the correct and good ways and discard everything that appears wrong and bad;
  • Observe some self-imposed vows;
  • Practice fasts;
  • Regulate yourself for self-improvement and strictly follow your own rules;
  • Follow strictly the instructions laid down by the scriptures;
  • Obtain knowledge of yourself apart from that of the physical body;
  • Develop a taste for solitary life;
  • Be continually occupied in the attainment of Salvation by continuous occupation in life;
  • Maintain a high sense of fortitude;
  • Do not begin new activities that are likely to entangle you in the snares of worldly affairs;
  • Disentangle yourself from the worldly bindings;
  • Never entertain egoistic thoughts;
  • Be spiritually contented ;
  • Keep alive in your mind the real nature of the Supreme Principle underlying your individuality and the whole Universe.

These are the sure ways of attaining Salvation. Those who have already attained it have attested their validity.







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