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Causes of various diseases

          Every individual requires a continuous supply of food, water and air, for biological existence and optimum functioning. Desires or urges to fulfill these biological needs are naturally present in every individual in the form of hunger, thirst, micturition, defaecation sleep etc. Suppression of biological urges leads to several diseases. Hence one must excrete the waste products, which are being continuously formed as a result of metabolic activities. One should also take rest intermittently to replenish the loss incurred during activity. 

Following are the natural urges which should not be suppressed.
  • Excretion of waste products.
    • Solid waste products-Stools [mala vega]
  • Liquid waste products.
    • Micturation - Urine [Mutra vega]
    • Emesis-Vomiting [Chardi vega]
  • Gaseous waste products.
    • Gases passed through anus [Apan vayu vega]
    • Belching [Udagara vega]
    • Exertional breathlessness [Nihi swasa vega.]
    • Yawning [Jrumbha vega]
  • Protective reflexes which are meant to keep the air passages clear.
    • Sneezing [Kshavathu vega]
    • Coughing [Kasa vega]
  • Natural secretions.
    • Semen - ejaculation [Sukra vega]
    • Tears -following sorrow or happiness [Ashru vega]
  • Urges for self-survival.
    • Eating food - hunger [Kshudha vega]
    • Drinking water - thirst [Trishna vega]
    • Rest - sleep [Nidra vega].






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