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Public Svasthavrtta is a very important subject in Ayurveda, which was initiated due to the strongly felt needs of the public in the olden days. The Rishis then started the Science of Ayurveda for the general awareness of the public.

Attempts were made on a large scale to apply the knowledge of Ayurveda and collect medicinal substances to be used in days of scarcity. The authorities of Ayurveda, as a general rule, declare it their business to solely relieve the public in distress caused by diseases. They consider this to be their religious duty. 

They also strongly prohibit the use of Ayurveda as a means of making money and a living at the expense of the public and with the convenience  of the ruling authorities.

Ayurveda also offers spiritual and mental treatments for ailments in which no physical relief can be offered. These treatments consist of two parts: 
  • Daivavyapasraya: through methods of propitiation of supernatural beings i.e. the use of:
    • Mantras; 
    • Specially qualified medicinal stones and charms ;
    • Religious and auspicious practices of worship ;
    • Offerings to superhuman beings;
    • Offerings to Fire-God by way of sacrifices;
    • Services of vows;
    • Donation to worthy men in atonement of the wrong done by the donor; 
    • Observance of fasts;
    • Svastyayana i.e. invocation of favours of supernatural beings, through the medium of blessings solicited from worthy and pious human beings who are supposed to be mediators; 
    • Pranipatagamana i.e. prostrating one-self several times, before the-deities, per day, for several days, months and years.

The origin of all these practices is to be ascribed to Ayurveda being considered as part of Atharva Veda.

  • Sattvavijaya i.e. regular control of the mind from unprofitable occupations, i.e. from desires for unnecessary worldly objectives, which are the cause of all types of mental worries. 

The Mental Svasthavrtta is a very important part not only in the case of an individual but also in that of public Svasthavrtta. Importance of the maintenance of one's mental balance has been aptly described by Charaka, for e.g. during Plague several people die due to sheer fright.

The maintenance of the peaceful mental balance of the public has been named "Lokasamgraha" by the Bhagavad-Gita, a divine song sung by Lord Sri Krishna, to put right the disturbed Mental Svasthavrtta of Arjuna. 







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