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Seasonal Regime

Hemanta (Early winter)
  • In Hemanta i.e. start of cold season, one’s body begins to contract externally, closing the heat outlets in the skin, in the process the accumulated heat heightens the digestive power of the persons.
  • If appropriate food is not obtained then the body constituents are attacked for want of food and thereby the person becomes weak. Hence during this season the person should increase food items that are sweet, sour, and salty in abundant quantities.
  • As the nights are long, one tends to feel hungry in the morning, so it is necessary to have a heavy breakfast in the morning. Then the body should be massaged with oil that can remove vitiation of vata dosha. Engaging oneself in vigorous games is also beneficial.
  • The oil present on the body should be then removed by oil removing agents and the body should then be washed with clean water. The body should then be anointed with scented cosmetics, followed by slight warming and adequate heating appliance.
  • The food consisting of fat, meat preparations, wines, preparations made out of wheat, black gram, sugar, milk, cheese, and oils, are good as these are of strengthening nature and easily available.
  • Hot water should be used for bathing, washing hands and feet. The bedding should be of woolen rugs, and other heat preserving garments. Clothes should also be heat preserving. The feet and hands should be protected with shoes, woolen socks and gloves.
  • During day time exposure to bright sunshine is beneficial, and during night time, lighted charcoals should be substituted for sun’s heat. 
Shishira (Late Winter)
        During shishira there is an increase in the coldness. Hence the regime of hemanta rutu is followed here giving more attention to cold and vata. During winter the kapha dosa gets augmented but the cold temperature does not irritate it.
Spring (Vasanta)
  • Strong sunshine begins to liquefy the accumulated kapha (water in the body), which then starts its work of vitiating the digestive power of its host. 
  • The kapha dosha should be got rid of, in the beginning of season, with the help of strong emetics, nasal medications and also right food, satisfactory exercise etc. 
  • Weak wines like Drakshasava, largely diluted honey-water, ginger water should be used for drinking purposes. 
  • Sweet, sour and salty foods should be avoided, as they tend to increase kapha. 
  • Sleeping during the daytime is prohibited, similarly heavy food should be avoided as far as possible. 
Summer (Grisma) 
  • Sun’s heat is extremely scorching hence pungent, salty and sour things should not be favoured.
  • Light exercise and morning sunshine should be enjoyed. 
  • Food that is sweet and sour type, but easily digestible, containing little quantity of fat should be eaten cold and in the liquid form. 
  • Wine should never be drunk, as they generate swelling in the body, loosen the joints, and inflame defective parts resulting in dizziness. 
  • A drink that is slight, sour, sweet or cold and water scented with camphor and rose should be drunk. 
  • Buffalo milk mixed with sugar should be exposed to cool air at night and then drunk.
  • Cold water should be used for bathing and one should sleep in the open air during summers. 
Varsha (Pre Monsoon and Monsoon)
  • During rainy season a man’s body is vitiated by all the three doshas. So, in order to maintain the body in a well-balanced condition emetic, purgatives and enema should be given to cleanse the large intestine. 
  • One-year-old starchy grains or corn should be used. 
  • Moong pulse that are easy to digest and medicated salt can be used. 
  • Starchy food, tasteful old wine and warm water should also be used. 






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